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Episode 16: MAGA Madness: Trump Incites Insurrection at US Capitol

January 9, 2021

The world watched in shock and horror on Wednesday as President Trump incited thousands of his followers to storm the US Capitol.

He inaugurated his presidency on its steps with a speech fulminating against American carnage. Therefore, the irony cannot be lost on anyone that he’s ending it with carnage not seen there since the British burned the capital in 1814.

America has always been seen as a shining city upon a hill, offering a beacon of hope for the rest of the world. But Trump has spent the past four years breaking every light that made that city shine. No doubt, for him and his “Proud Boys,” it was lights out on Wednesday.

I maintain, however, that President Biden will need only four months to effectively repair all that Trump has broken in this respect over the past four years.


Length:  17 min 05 sec

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