Talking iPINIONS

Episode 46: Indie Film ‘Paradise: Love’ and Female Sex Tourism

September 18, 2021

From the birth of this nation, miscegenation laws made sex between whites and blacks not only taboo but illegal. But this did not stop middle-aged white men from slinking out in the middle of the night to have sex with young black women. Of course, on slave plantations throughout the South, these nocturnal forays were pursuant to a presumed entitlement to rape.

The point, though, is that interracial sexual attraction simply could not be denied. The motley hues that compose race in America today is a testament to that. And even though other countries, like England, did not enact laws banning interracial marriages, their prevailing customs effectively did the same.

This is why it speaks volumes that we are still grappling with this natural attraction to this day. Because a direct line can be drawn between the middle-aged white men mentioned above and middle-aged white women who are slinking away to black countries to have sex with black men.


Length:  17 min 50 sec 

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